I have felt that I am not hustling hard enough to convince myself to settle for where I am today. I was looking for guidance on delivering me through some tough oppositions that forced me to take a seat back and gain some clarity on how to move forward. Then I received a phone call from one of my big brothers, a former NBA player Derrick Coleman, who said, “you can’t assume what you want people to know if you don’t speak up.”

I shared with him how I stood outside a radio station at 5:30 am to pitch a morning show host about my book and its details but froze at the moment to tell him that I wanted to be a guest on his morning show. I assumed he would know this but failed to realize that you can’t imagine what the other person doesn’t know what you think.
Then, Derrick asked me, what are you afraid of, bro? Are you afraid of success?

I am afraid of being rejected, I responded. I am worried that the radio personality might say yes, and all my dreams would begin to come true. I am scared of success and everything that I have dreamed about to become a realization. I have failed to realize the most challenging part I accomplished is writing a book about my life and sharing it with the world.

Thinking outside the box, I self-published it without thinking about the what-if outcomes. What if no one likes the book? What if nobody likes my story? What-if there are mistakes that the proofreading program didn’t catch?

These thoughts and not telling the radio personality what I wanted. It triggered a downward spiral of low self-esteem, a depressing feeling of not believing in myself, and being unable to find the happiness of my accomplishments. I lost motivation and searched for guidance and a source of light while I was stuck in the darkness. I needed an uplifting force to pick me up to get me going.

I kept piling on the negatives in my mind, and the thoughts began to box me into a place that I would have to dig myself out of while trying to find hope. There is always a bright side to every negative situation. That is, you have another chance to redeem yourself. We all have greatness inside of us!

You don’t have to be a professional athlete or the best sports team to have the most incredible comeback. You can be who you are and believe that you can still overcome your setbacks and learn from your mistakes. It’s probably the best teacher for building your character and resilience to overcoming difficulty.

Even though I had the scenario that I would have a face-to-face meeting and pitch him my story, it didn’t work out that way. I had to get up and learn from my mistake and decided to use it as motivation. There will always be some setbacks, as success will not happen overnight, is what I’m learning. You have to crawl before you walk. You have to grind, hustle, make mistakes, and fail, so you can understand and learn from them.

I have high expectations for myself, which is a good thing that can lead to more incredible opportunities. Even though I am still waiting for a response from the radio host about a potential media interview. My time will come. I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone to see my best. When you believe that you are being prepared for the next chapter and work towards achieving the dream. You will soon see what’s been waiting for you ahead.