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Turning the page to new beginnings  

Turing the page to new beginnings in our life is the next chapter of our unique story. It sets the tone for what we look forward to, helping us evolve in life. This stage can begin with a life lesson that tests your will of strength, determination, faith, and patience for what’s to come. 

What awaits us is filled with surprises of new opportunities, growth, and experiences to give you wisdom. Embrace the unknown. Having the courage to have faith in the unseen brings determination. Let your faith and belief in yourself be the source that breaks it. 

Find a word or phrase that will be your motivation to carry you through this new chapter. Let it be something that moves your creative juices to pour out more ideas to thrust you forward. Fear can’t stop it because there is so much momentum behind it. It is a powerful feeling that brings new life that makes your heart beat faster as soon as it hits you. It gives you the vision to see what you aspire to do and act on it. 

Find your motivation

Lately, I have been inspired by reading informative books and watching documentaries about fascinating people. In Curtis Jackson’s new book, Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter. There are a few things I learned from reading his book. The two things that gravitated to my spirit are cultivating a hustler’s heart and knowing your value. 

I used to think a hustler was someone hustling another person for their money. At least that’s what I thought it was. I learned hustler is a character. It’s a motor that needs to be running inside of you each day, and its fuel is passion. 

To develop that strong desire is in the character of the individual. You learn this about yourself in each chapter of your life. The most powerful feeling that one can possess is a passion for something or someone.  We find our desire for what drives us in life by discovering our purpose.

Knowing your value and betting on yourself

I’ve always expressed myself about knowing one’s value. You learn about your value in life by sustaining through the challenging times, which produce belief and experiences in yourself to have supreme confidence in your worth and ability. “Be secure that as long as you are betting on yourself, your always going to win.” Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

If you can bet on a team to win a game, you can bet on yourself to prevail over the tough times. There is no pressure in this next chapter, and it is all to shift you into using your ability to perfect your skills. When you are fulfilling your purpose in life, the universe, God, whatever you believe, will bring an opportunity to you to support it. 

Don’t hesitate to keep turning the page.

The more you hesitate and delay turning the page, the more you miss out on the opportunity for growth. More information and knowledge on the following pages could inspire a turning point that you need to break through. We have to keep that desire to move forward and know that we have been preparing for what lies ahead.

In conclusion, 2022 is the year of turning a new chapter: no hesitation and no delays. To evolve in life is to grow. Keeping the passion and the desire comes from the commitment of the individuals’ character because what can come out of it is courage and new beginnings that can last a lifetime. 

Michael Carter Jr


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