Is the tree a symbol of me?

When you think you might have a hold on life and you got it figured out. There is something that will show you that there is still room for growth or, as I like to say, room for improvement. I recently came across an article discussing the four stages in the life cycle of a tree.

The seed, the emergence of the stem, the sapling stage, and the final stage is maturity. I don’t know what brought me to read about the steps of a tree growing to its full-grown potential. The spirit moves to teach me the comparison of my life to the life cycle of a tree.

I began to read about its different stages of life, and I became intrigued. I slowly started to think about my personal life. From birth to the present moment, I have implanted my life value to this world. Many comparisons have between the life cycle of a tree and the life cycle of my life. For example, the first stage is the seed. In the ground, and begins to grow when warmth and moisture swell the grain—causing its skin to split.

Now, I’m not going to get into sex education. However, let’s give thanks to God. For creating us for His divine purpose to be valuable in this world. What’s interesting about the seed is its purpose in life and to grow and become something unique.

A child starts to develop its characteristics showing early signs of its potential to grow in the world. A little bit from mom, with some mixture from dad mixed in the pot of love. Along the way, the child absorbs things from parents. We are talking about life and giving the baby unconditional love.

Growing Up Numerous things can happen.

It was becoming a teenager. You deal with peer pressure, self-consciousness, stress, achieve good grades to get into college, and wanting to be the most popular. While growing up, numerous things could have harmed your body— not feeling loved, lack of support, unable to cope with pressures in life, etc.

Protected and not harmed, I continued to grow and learn about myself along the way. The sapling phase is when the sprout grows but has not yet reached complete maturity—finding my emotions and what makes me happy, sad, angry. Most of the time, as a kid, I was a loveable person to be around. I was exploring playing sports and seeing which one I like to play the most.

The school became adventurous because I learned new things to educate my mind and branch into different things.
At times pressure from friends and growing responsibilities tend to have an impact on your decisions. Teenage years go by so fast. Like rain, fire, thunderstorms, lightning, hurricanes can impact a tree, bring it down, and cause damage.

Our parents guide us with precautions to make good decisions. If we don’t listen, it can have a lasting effect on us years later. The grown-up years lead us to the stage of maturity. We learn from our mistakes, failures, opportunities, success, which enabled us to evolve in life. The mature tree has many branches, the trunk is vast, and the leaves are fully grown and bright in color.

Growth is showing maturity.

These are the best years of your life when you have hit maturity. Because you learned you could stand firm when life shakes you. Your branches are everything that grew from your ability to learn and adapt to your situations. I can’t believe how I have stood head-on with energy which helped to mature my roots.

While I opted out of college many years ago, which was probably not the best move, the energy helped this tree grow healthy and have many branches. The brightness of my color is the light that shines from the source that is rooted in me. The source gives me life to live. The seed grew into a mature man that is ready to use his branches to feed others. Each stage of my life transforms me to the next step, reaching my full potential.