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The brain is the source

We are people created to use our minds as a tool to elevate us with images and thoughts that translate into our lives that we focus on to satisfy us. The mind controls the body, and every movement we use is in sync with the mind. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke said, “the brain is the source of all the qualities that define our humanity. The brain is the crown jewel of the human body.”

Lately, mind and body have been nervously shaking and jittery with the sense of high expectations and with mediocre confidence in the ability to break the shell of anxiety. I found one of the culprits that sparked a nerve or a “fight” or “flight” response. “The psychological response to stressful situations” (Mayo Clinic).

These tools created wonderful things

The anxiety of social media is now one of the culprits causing my stress, and recording moments that I feel can be impactful to others is now a daunting task of worrying about if the content is good and the social likes attached to it. According to the documentary docudrama, “The Social Dilemma.” “These social media tools created beautiful things with meaningful changes happening worldwide, such as reuniting with family members, kidney transplants, missing children, promoting health groups, and causes to bring awareness to others.”

Creating meaningful posts to inspire and motivate individuals to catchy hashtags will help gain more followers. You are trying to figure out how to get what is trending to tag along and hopefully get a few hundred likes. How do you feel when what you believe in is a meaningful post you want to share suddenly brings you anxiety? As you begin to type in the caption, your hands start to shake, and your palms start to sweat.  

The anxiety of social media now begins

Becoming uncomfortable with sharing your thoughts or feelings is the new norm way of life. Social media makes me nervous when I think about what to post to capture something I was thinking about at the moment. The anxiety of social media happens because you are concerned if you will get noticed in someone else’s feed and if they will hit the “like” button.

Before social media became the primary source of interaction, I was never afraid to look for the camera or turn that camera-friendly personality on to be in the light. Now I tremble with fear riding on a plane going through turbulence of clouds, unable to see my way to find a safe place. 

I believe inventing the thumbs-up button is a gift and a curse. It serves as a purpose for someone to agree they like what you shared with the world. It made them feel good, laughed, or just “like it,” as they were scrolling down to other millions of posts waiting for them to hit the “like” button as well. 

That’s great! You can finally feel valued and part of the world. That’s what anyone wants to feel valued and part of something. What if social media supports mental health illness that makes individuals think they have to compete with the world? It applies pressure to post rich content consistently to gain a thumbs-up that makes you feel part of the popular community for one second. The things that people will do to create what they want others to think is a perfect life. It brings the social fabric of society as excellent—dressed up in makeup, with flawless skin, eyes, hairline, and ideal body with expensive luxury clothes to make you want to feel like a star, a celebrity. 

Negative addiction

The social dilemma documentary film labeled the “tech addiction of social media.” The adverse effects include fast, millions of things going on, crazy, selfish crimes for attention, hurt, and pain, exposing you to the masses, and creating new hate that destroys families and communities. 

Trying to keep up with the trends can become a struggle to deal with while triumphing over mental health illness. Using social media to promote my brand is a daunting task that a friend of mine advised me to create a content calendar strategy. It is to help with daily postings of what I’m going to share. 

Whose affected

It affects kids, families, and people already suffering. What social media is doing amongst us is competing for your attention. We are now living in a world where the online connection is primary. This connection makes me extra nervous. 

“Approximately two billion people will have thoughts that they didn’t intend to have because a designer said this is how notifications work on that screen that you wake up to in the morning (The Social Dilemma).” 

It’s not how I can compete with posts and tweets. But, what post with a meaningful purpose to grab someone’s attention to “like” my posts and tweets. I’ve become intimidated by social media like Arnold was afraid of the gooch at school in the hit tv series, “Different Strokes.” I have more thoughts than ever before about what to share on social media whenever I scroll through my feeds. When it’s time to post that thought, my mind frame quickly changes to indecisive and wanting to crawl back into my world of a safe place without social media. 

You control social media, don’t let social media control you

Three years ago, I took control of my social media intake and deleted all my accounts. I focused my attention on writing and finding my value in life. It was one of the best feelings I felt in a long time, and I was able to escape the madness of social media and the popularizing of people’s wanna-be perfect life. 

As a result, I wrote and self-published my first book and started a blog site. The book itself was the biggest accomplishment of my life. When you take the time to find out what you excel in and work on it every day, you will separate yourself from the hashtags, trends, perfectionism of others to achieve your success. 

What persuades people is built into the technology. “Knowing how our mind is vulnerable is a separate discipline, and it’s a discipline that applies to all human beings.” Tristen Harris 

We evolve to care about whether other people press the “like” or heart button on our photos and videos and think because it matters most. Combine that with value and conflate it with the truth. We are looking for social approval instead of self-approval first. 

Michael Carter Jr


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