The next step forward in life

If you want to take the next step forward in life, you have to be willing to let go of your fears and insecurities. Those two silent assassins will destroy you mentally and hold you back from succeeding. Fear is so quiet that it’s not even real because you can’t touch it or see it. It’s imaginary and only likes to prey on the weak. You can’t look for it, and it looks for you at your weakest point when you are insecure. The first order in taking the next step is to kick the fears and doubts and be confident as a person.

When you are not confident that you can achieve what you believe in, you doubt yourself. Little do you know how courageous you are in overcoming situations you could have given up. Talk to yourself to snap yourself out of it. Give yourself a pep talk. I am confident, and I am resilient. I got this. Anything is possible. Believe in yourself because this is what you’ve been preparing for during your journey in life. There are skills that you possess which, make you unique. In taking the next step, you will need these tools to show your value to the world.

Perseverance and determination

You must have the perseverance to keep pushing forward no matter how difficult of the challenge it seems in the moment. Think of the hurdle jumper and the many barriers they must leap over to succeed. The training is in the process of preparing for the race. Proper preparation prevents poor performance at the track, and so does not having perseverance when things look tough ahead. It will prepare you for what’s ahead. Jumping over hurdles is something that makes an achievement difficult.

The determination is to keep your eyes on the prize ahead. If you want to lose a certain amount of pounds by the summer, keep that goal weight in mind. You have a big test that could help your career and future. Keep studying on the weekends and make the necessary sacrifice to prepare yourself to pass the test. For example, when I set out to write my first book, A Ballboy’s Journey: A Memoir, I immediately went out to pick up a notebook and pen. I deleted, that’s right, deleted all of my social media accounts (Facebook, IG, and Twitter). I went off the radar for two years to concentrate on writing my book.

Strategy to setting and accomplishing goals

Every day, seven days a week for one hour a day, I would write in my notebook reflecting on events and describing moments that impacted my life as a fifteen-year-old ballboy working for the New Jersey Nets. I sacrificed going to family event outings to writing my story because I wanted it to be finished by December 4, 2021.

Setting goals can help to give you a deadline of when you want to have it accomplished. When you place a daily goal, monthly goal, or yearly goal, it’s great to set something you can look forward to, too achieving. Years ago, I would mark a date to do a summer basketball camp and have everything lined up for the event. There would be staff members, special guests, marketing and advertising plan, the whole works. When it finally came time to call the place to put it together, I would freeze and not do it. Don’t let that happen to you. Just do it!

Review what the challenges ahead are for you. I’ve learned that when I take the time to write down the problems ahead. I can come up with a strategy of a plan of action to find the solution. For example, I’ve wanted to start a new podcast to promote my book, and away I can talk to former NBA basketball players and team staff about memories of the 90s in the league. I thought the task was difficult because I needed a podcast cover art, the name of the show, description of the show, and guests. I needed to take the necessary time to be creative with my plan of execution.

The strategy that worked for me

One day, I sat down and started to write down my needs in numerical order. I realized it wasn’t that hard, and I needed to take things to step by step. First, I figured out the name from the basketball camp I always wanted to accomplish, Power Players. Then I just added Podcast to it to make it an official podcast. Power Player’s Podcast. Task marked completed. Secondly, once I solved the name of the show, the details came alive. It gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look talking to influential individuals that were in the NBA.

Lastly, researching online can become your best friend and give you access to a world of information. Use it to your advantage. I located one of my guests, who I had worked for almost 30 years ago and is now a trainer for a physical therapy group, and my other guest we had recently got back in touch after not speaking for over ten years. It all came together as everything aligned.

Thirdly, in my dream, a basketball with a hand on each side of the ball. Some of my best ideas come in the middle of the night, and I can capture them at the moment. I found a podcast art cover designer on for a very affordable price and under my budget that took on the job. He captured the image I was looking for to use as the art cover. Once I completed these tasks, it motivated me to move forward with accomplishing the next one.

The Motivation

I was motivated by wanting to accomplish something big, and I had believed I could do it. The strategy helped to apply action on what I needed to make things happen. My mind perceived it, and I was able to dream it and achieve it. Since the Podcast started, I’ve published three episodes, and the most recent one is now available on

The motivation opened another opportunity for me to publish my works on another streaming channel with youtube, which provides another outlet to maximize. When you allow yourself the chance to do something, other opportunities will soon present themselves.

I’m not competing with anybody but myself, and I’m the only one on this journey to conquer achieving my purpose in life. The biggest mistake you can make is not believing in yourself and knowing what you can do. There are people on your side that want to see you win. You have to believe in yourself, that you have what it takes to do it!