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Pressure is mental toughness

I recently watched this documentary film about a tennis player’s mental toughness. What caused his breaking point to have a massive anxiety attack right before the biggest match of his career? Sound familiar (Simone Biles). 

I constantly deal with anxiety and depression and, watching this film inspired me. The mental toughness it takes to overcome mental health issues and tackle life’s obstacles treat it like a professional athlete.

Andy Roddick said it best from a player’s mindset, “#1 is amazing, a dream come true for an athlete. But there’s a constant pressure around being #1. The higher the stakes, the harder it gets the more responsibility. The psychological part is the toughest part for an athlete because the toughest moments in life, you’re out there alone.”

The survival of the fittest

Imagine your out there in front of 20,000 people, and you can show no emotions, but you are feeling anxiety inside. It’s the survival of physically strongest and mentally toughest. It takes over your body and mind. Your mind and body break down and, your insecurities start to take over. Stress and pressure begin to amount.

To survive your competitiveness has to be different than others. Very intense, ruthless on the court, with burning desire to succeed. When you want to win so bad that you train so hard to be the best player you can work to be.  

Be extraordinary different that people want to see you perform. Stretch yourself beyond your limitations that bring your talent to new levels. You have to do everything at 100%. Set a high level of standards for yourself to be the best.

Take on the mamba mentality 

You have to take on the mentality to get up and do it again, again, and again. Not be afraid to take it on the chin and keep going. Own up to your mistakes and continue to move forward because the commitment requires that determination and mentality. It is the mamba mentality.

Believe mental toughness is one of the biggest defining things as a competitor, entrepreneur, student, athlete. It requires you to develop and improve your physical skills, emotional skills, and mental skills to become successful at anything you want to do in life.

It is a matter of dedication and devotion of commitment to your craft by sacrificing time. Waking up early in the morning or working late in the evening on developing your craft practice makes permanent. You have to practice perfectly until you perfect your art or gift that you want to share with the world. Repeat your workout, training, and school teachings repeatedly, like a groundhog. Do it every day!  

The five P’s

Proper preparation prevents poor performance. The five p’s you need in your daily regime become your lifestyle, your religion. A pursuit to which you ascribe supreme importance. You do it every day! Well, except Sundays. That’s your rest day!

Preparation is preparing yourself mind, body, and soul for the journey. You almost have to become obsessed with the commitment of what you love to do. Stretching yourself like a rubber band that you are willing to push yourself until it hurts. Turn yourself into the absolute beast and watch the results. You will accomplish more things than you could imagine.

You can prevent your poor performance when you change your body. It will help to change your mindset, that you have, the capabilities to achieve your purpose. This turning point could change your life, so what are you willing to do to gain the life you want? Stay committed and be mentally tough.

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