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Let me tell you about life and how setbacks or hardships can unravel to make you feel there is no way out. It’s like being put inside a box, and when it’s closed shut, you feel trapped inside. As you look around inside the box, you try to figure out how I will get out of this situation I put myself in. The worst part about being in a box in your mind is it starts to get dark and lonely, and that’s when the loneliness tends to creep up on you.

For a few minutes, do you stop to think about how I got myself in this position? A thought occurs to come to mind that you made several mistakes along the way trying to rush things that weren’t in your control, but you wanted to force it to happen the way you wanted it to work. You just wanted it so bad that you couldn’t just let it happen the way it was intended to be.

You stand up to push through, and as life would have it, the snowball effect comes, and the box is shaken with another brutal hit. That pushes you back down when trying to stand up and figure out how to get out of the first situation. Now, you are stuck thinking and thinking and thinking how in the world can I get myself out of this situation?

You are trapped in your mind working on the solution but feel helpless, hitting the box in anger, mad at yourself for your mistakes, and putting yourself in a terrible situation. One thing is for sure there is always a way out that you can overcome the problem. Sometimes that box is there to protect you from harm’s way while preparing you for what’s outside of the box.

We have to look deep down inside to find our confidence to give us the courage to say, “I have the abilities to overcome my problem(s), and if I put my mind to it, I can do anything.” The first thing to do is to step back and breathe. This will help you to regain your thoughts and figure out the steps to the solution.

When I practice mediation in the morning, and I listen to the sound of my breathing, it triggers new thoughts and ideas to help me figure my problems. Lately, I’ve been writing a daily planner to help figure my days out so I don’t get lost while doing too many things at once and forcing things to happen. This also allows me to follow the train of thought that I think about and put it on paper.

Secondly, my psychologist reminded me to think about what I had previously accomplished when I was stuck in problems I didn’t see a way out of. When I remember how far I have come and the worst crisis I put myself in, and realize that I never gave up, and all I needed was a small window of opportunity to make it happen.
Lastly, resilience has been my power word during my journey and can be used to crush the crisis like a foot-stomping on its path to victory.

My aunt told me earlier today over the phone that God will only give you what you can handle. There is nothing wrong with reaching out to someone that comes to your mind and just talking to them. You will be surprised how that conversation can turn into an uplifting moment that can give you the strength you need to overcome the crisis.

In conclusion, the situation is not meant to hurt you, but it’s intended to serve a purpose in showing you your ability to overcome by solving the problem. When you move forward in life, your mind will give you the power to believe that you can do it.

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