“A Ballboy’s Journey: a Memoir”

Michel C. Carter Jr., a former ballboy for the New Jersey Nets, stickboy for the New Jersey Devils, and ballboy for the New York Knicks, self-publishes his first book, “A Ballboy’s Journey: A Memoir.” It details stories of his experiences in the league and encounters with professional athletes who impacted his life while sharing success, failures, mistakes, tragedy, and resilience in overcoming adversity. – August 05, 2021 – Michael Carter Enterprises LLC

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A Memoir


“A Ballboy’s Journey: a Memoir”

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August 2021

I Met The Most Amazing People.

A book that takes readers on a roller coaster ride of a young man given unprecedented access into the world of sports and entertainment at the age of fifteen as a ballboy. His experiences will impact his life as he encounters opportunities, mistakes, failures, accomplishments.

Memories I could Never Forget.

Lessons I live everyday.

Michael suffers a tragedy that ultimately leads him down a road with an encounter with God after a horrific accident that forever changes his life. He triumphs only to fall, leading him to identify who he is while trying to find his purpose in life. The memoir is based on real-life encounters with celebrities and not a tell-all book. ┬áIt enlightens readers about a ballboy’s adventure working for the New Jersey Nets, New Jersey Devils, New York Knicks, and legendary radio station in New York at WRKS 98.7 Kiss Fm, Only to realize that what he wanted to become in sports and entertainment was not his purpose.

Reader Review

If you believe in your dreams anything is possible! This is a great book especially for the middle school high school student looking for some direction. College Life, the Sports world, or the Music /Radio Industry. That life takes you along a journey to the exact destination we are supposed to be. Somedays easy and others that will bring you to your knees full of pain and heartache. But along with amazing family a few good friends and most of all faith everything happens for a reason becoming a page in our book of life!