Michael Carter: Full Bio

Michael Carter Jr., is an inspiring entrepreneur and creative leader with the mindset of impacting and motivating the youth through development of his personal story of overcoming adversities and hardships on your path to success.

At the age of 14, he was granted the opportunity to have worked with the New Jersey Nets as a “Ballboy” from “1990-1998” and forever dedicated his time not only to game and athletes he was surrounded by but to becoming involved in community events with the organization. Through his involvement joining the team at charity hospital events, Christmas giveaways for kids, helping honorary ballboy during game days Michael became inspired to helping kids.

During his tenure with the NJ Nets, he also had dreams of becoming an actor/model with the hopes of one day making his big in the business with his sociable personality and gift of laughter that could light up a room. That dream came to fruition and in 1991 he was given the opportunity to be a special guest on the iconic television music video program, “Yo! MTV Raps” with hosts Ed Lover and Doctor Dre. Michael was featured on the one hour show answering questions and introducing videos to their TV audience. Michael was off to an amazing start in the entertainment business!

His employment with the Nets has given him the opportunity to meet and work with various NBA coaches, players and superstars as well as other individuals within the athletic field. He had also worked with college basketball team, the Seton Hall Pirates whenever their games were played at the Brendan Byrne Arena aka Meadowlands Arena.

While working with the Nets, in 1994 he was given a chance for employment to be a “Stickboy” for the New Jersey Devils and proud to be with them in 1995 when they became the Stanley Cup Champions. Michael, truly believes he is the first African American to become a stickboy for the National Hockey League.

In 1996, Michael attended Bergen Community College as a part time student as well as working with students in his community as a counselor for the after-school program in Teaneck, NJ and continued to work with the New Jersey Nets during the season. In the summertime, he would join NBA players and work their summer basketball camps in New York at Basketball City as counselor/coach.

An unimagined event occurred during the 1998-1999 NBA Season and a lockout occurred that would leave Michael without job. Embarking on endless opportunities he returned to the NBA world in 2000, and again conquered another dream of working at the World-Famous Madison Square Garden and was invited by a couple of players to work for the New York Knicks as a “ballboy.”

In that position Michael elevated within the organization working with the community relations department volunteering at Reading Zone, Children Village, Basketball Clinic and Knicks Poetry Slam to show his compassion and commitment to the youth. While thinking outside the box with his involvement in the community, he received some criticism from team management because he was not an NBA player and was considered just a ballboy and advised to only focus on his job!

Nevertheless, he continued his volunteer work and giving back whenever he saw children at the games by handing out Knicks towels, player game worn wristbands and sometimes game worn sneakers. Michael biggest moment came after the devastating September 11, 2001 tragedy and decided again to find a way to help those who lost a love one and merged the Port Authority of NY & NJ and New York Knicks along with the visiting team (Utah Jazz) to where “We Will Never Forget” t-shirts worn during pre game warm ups. He also coordinated ticket donations given to the Port Authority employees and an autograph pair of game worn sneakers to a family! Michael never received any accolades for his thoughtfulness dedication in helping others from the New York Knicks organization.

On February 18, 2002 Michael was assaulted by a MSG security guard on his way back from lunch when entering MSG while preparing to work a college basketball event that night. Michael was seriously injured and suffered a concussion and five fractured teeth after being struck by a metal wand, used for security purposes to search individuals. It could have been much worse but through the grace of God, Michael recovered after 1 year of therapy and counseling. Unbelievable, he was never rewarded with compensation and with five new teeth and a new outlook on life he returned to the job he loved most, as a ballboy with the New York Knicks. Unfortunately, at the end of the Knicks 2003 season Michael was fired by the team trainer and told during that time, “your always at the wrong place, at the wrong time and that’s why you were assaulted.” Surprised, emotional and shocked by what just occurred Michael informed some of the players of what transpired and walked out of the New York Knicks facility.

Feeling depressed and of guilt Michael got in his car and broke down feeling as if he did wrong by losing his job. Not knowing what his next move would be, he attempted to drive his car into

a highway divider but something or someone veered his steering wheel to forcefully pull away. God was on his side! Driving back home to Teaneck, NJ where he lived to help take care of his grandmother, he found support with his family and close friends. Over the summer, Michael was trying to figure out his next move and thinking of how can he stay in the sports industry.was

Michael received a phone call from his aunt about a contest called the “apprenkiss” on an urban radio station in New York City, WRKS 98.7 Kiss FM “The Wake Up Club.” He entered the competition by way of online submission and was called several weeks later to compete with five other contestants for a chance to become an intern on the morning show. At age 33, Michael felt his chance at being involved with a major radio station and was committed to winning by using his creativity and resources to help him win the contest and get the job!

The contestants were broken up into two groups 3 guys vs 3 girls and each day they were given a task to complete for the following day on-air. The team that lost a task would lose a member from their team. Michael biggest break came when he landed a phone interview with New York Knicks player Allan Houston, who at the time was a key instrumental player in taking the team to the NBA Finals in 2003 and it was the station’s first time having him as a guest on the show! He would help his team win 3 out of the 5 tasks given and ended up in the finale one on one! He conquered his task by putting together a :30 sec promo for his 10 minute live radio show ‘On The Mic with M Dot.’ The crew and listeners of the station loved his show and voted him the winner of “The Apprenkiss.”

Michael landed another wonderful opportunity and became the intern for the morning show and worked hard to keep his job! Every multi task given he accomplished and never quit no matter how hard it got! He stayed in New York City with his grandparents for 3 months, so he could arrive to work on time by 6:00 am, while being engaged to his girlfriend. His internship would last the entire summer and he was not sure what the outcome would be after it ended.

After 3 long months, Michael was offered a production coordinator position with the Kiss “Wake Up Club” answering listeners calls, put them through to the show, finding hot topic ideas, analyzing what other stations are talking about and being a show runner getting the crew and guests whatever was needed. After two years and Michael standing out he was offered a temporary position as the talent booker, while the show producer was on maternity leave. He knew this was his time to show and prove who he knows in the industry and what he can do to make the show a success!

He proved his capabilities and landed some of the most well known A-list celebrities in sports and entertainment such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, John Legend, Outkast, Stevie Wonder, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Janet Jackson, NBA legend Reggie Miller, John Starks, Dwayne Wade and more. Michael shared his success with kids and again became involved with the community relations department at the station and volunteered at youth events.

The station listeners started to decline due to a major celebrity hitting the airwaves on the other dial with our competitor 107.5 WBLS and began The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Michael was informed he should learn to increase his value at the station and learn how to work the boards in the studio, so that he can be an asset besides booking celebrity guests. Not dedicating enough time in the studio as a producer to learn the board operation system, Michael missed out on his chance to grow within the station and was laid off in February 2007. While his wife was pregnant with their first child on the way, Michael had to figure out his next move, quickly!

With his entrepreneur spirit, he took a chance and started a company Michael Carter Enterprises, LLC., the premiere concierge service for the elite. His mission was to cater to athletes and entertainers catering to their everyday lifestyle needs in customer tailors, personal jeweler, private jet aviation and other services. He gained recognition working with athletes while employed with the New York Knicks and wanted to utilize his contacts in the entertainment industry to gain interest and business. Michael achieved some success with chartering transportation services and celebrity talent booking at radio stationed events such as Hot97 Summer Jam, Lenny Green’s and 98.7 Kiss Fm’s “Family Day,” Harlem Day with Kiss FM, and John Starks Celebrity Golf Tournament. Michael wanted to gain business inside the NBA and work directly with the athletes around the league, but with him no longer having access to contact players, he had to figure out how to achieve success and pursue his passion for the sports and entertainment business.

With being an entrepreneur challenges arise and with Michael taking the initiative to learn about business through life’s lessons and not educating himself in entrepreneurship his business became stagnate and with no income and a baby on the way Michael had to find employment. At that moment, he received a call from Film Life, Inc., an independent film marketing company and producers of the very successful American Black Film Festival. In the summer of 2008 Michael joined the company as an Executive Assistant to the CEO and Founder of the company, Jeff Friday. Under his tutelage, he found a creative and innovative mentor that would bring the best out of Michael’s work ethic and make him an asset to the company. His reliability and always responsible for accomplishing his tasks, Michael progressed and dealt with marketing initiatives, customer service manager, and registration manager for the film festival. Passionate in providing a service in helping others and assisting film lovers with product placement, the constant travel to New York City for work and Miami for the film festival brought a busy work life and dedication to the business. Michael thought of endless opportunities that could he could benefit in combing sports, entertainment and event marketing. After 5 years in the business and having a desire to pursue his own personal endeavors Michael embarked on another attempt at being an entrepreneur adding event marketing, talent management to Michael Carter Enterprises, LLC. With some resistance and the fear in failure in the process of reaching success he let it go and again decided to get a full time job but this time in a different industry, the auto industry.

Michael reinvented himself and took odd jobs in the car business trying to find his passion and purpose along the way. Auto body shop quality control manager, Auto detailing manager and finally becoming a car salesman for several different premium dealerships in New Jersey. After 5 long years trying to find his way in a very aggressive industry, he decided to step away and find his true purpose and mission in getting back involved with his community and developing the urban youth. He recently started Michael Motivates, which is under Michael Carter Enterprises, LLC., dedicating his time to motivate and inspire the youth through his personal reflections of his life by overcoming the obstacles and setbacks he’s made, so the next generation can have a bigger impact in becoming innovative leaders in taking advantage of the road ahead. He’s also made a commitment and volunteered at his children’s school coordinating filed trips to 107.5 WBLS radio station and the World Famous Apollo Theatre for an educational concert showcase.

Michael Carter’s goal is to start a non profit organization 501 c(3) for educational purposes for the urban youth in the near future. He continues to reside in Hackensack, NJ with his wife and 2 children.

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